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In person Treatments

All treatments are individually tailored and you also have the option of personalising yours even further: decide on the length of your appointment and together we will design you a bespoke treatment with a combination of various elements that suit your personal requirements.

The Glow Facial
- the Signature Treatment 75 minutes

A bespoke steam facial that combines advanced massage techniques with stimulating certain acupressure and reflex points to ease away tension in the face and neck. These carefully selected techniques will relax the facial muscles, soften fine lines and give you a healthy glow.

The Gua Sha Facial
60 minutes - available as a 6 week course

Massaging the face with crystal tools releases tension in the facial muscles, sculpts and lifts while also encouraging the production of elastin & collagen to help plump up and firm the skin. Acupressure points are stimulated to help remove puffiness while releasing tension and softening expression lines.

The Zone Face Lift
75 minutes - available as a 12 week course

Hailed by The Sunday Express as “A Spiritual Facial treatment…unlike any other.” and by Tatler as “extraordinary!” The Zone Face Lift is a unique combination of traditional facial reflexology, ancient healing techniques from Native American Shamans, the use of pressure point massage along with Asian body mapping and healing herbs to renew and smooth the skin.

With its reputation for making you look 10 years younger over a 12 week programme, the Zone Face Lift is a pioneering new way to naturally age well and lift both the face and spirit. The recommended 12 week course includes the Zone Face Lift Elixir, a Gua Sha Tool, an information booklet and access to videos complementing the programme.

Facial Reflexology The Bergman Method
60 minutes - available as a 6 week course

“The new wellness treatment everyone is raving about for the best skin ever”...@glamouruk. This is an amazing treatment that not only helps improve your health and well-being but also releases facial muscular tension to leave you looking refreshed and radiant. A great alternative to Botox.

Top to Toe Reflexology
75 or 90 minutes - available as a 6 week course

Combining Facial & Foot reflexology into one treatment which will help balance the whole body in the most wonderful and relaxing way.

Foot Reflexology
60 minutes - available as a 6 week course

By working the reflexes on the feet, the body will be stimulated to restore and maintain the delicate balance of the body’s systems. A non-intrusive, soothing and gentle relaxing therapy, which will leave you feeling calm and relaxed. Also a beautiful 30 minute add on treatment to any facial treatment .


Eyebrow and eyelash tinting is available in different shades. Please note that all first time tints require a patch test at least 24 hours prior to treatment.

Facial Hair Removal

A combination of waxing and threading for the lip, chin and eyebrow area.

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Susanne’s expertise in the practice of facial treatments and reflexology is outstanding. She offers a variety of wonderful in-depth treatments which I have not had anywhere else

Sonja from Thame

From about half way through my course I was constantly asked “have you had a holiday, you look so well?

Irene, from Henley

Her interest in, and enthusiasm for natural therapies, has enabled her to explore, perfect and develop her skills which she successfully tailors to the needs of her clients.

Annie, from Bray