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"Ageing might be inevitable, but looking old is not. Pro-Ageing for me is a holistic approach and I use only manual techniques that will refresh and revitalise your skin, making you look younger and feel wonderful too."

Pro-Ageing Therapist & Coach

Ageing well, ageing gracefully, accepting that we age, how to look after oneself, ageing well is not only the process of cleansing your face every day and applying a few potions and lotions, it is so much more - it's partly a mental state, it's diet related, it's one's posture (physically and metaphorically), it's the tension we carry in our body (tense muscles, fascia and bones) that consequently affects the facial muscles and influences the ageing process.

“ageing well, ageing gracefully, accepting that we age”

Susanne Aram

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Susanneโ€™s expertise in the practice of facial treatments and reflexology is outstanding. She offers a variety of wonderful in-depth treatments which I have not had anywhere else

Sonja from Thame

From about half way through my course I was constantly asked โ€œhave you had a holiday, you look so well?

Irene, from Henley

Her interest in, and enthusiasm for natural therapies, has enabled her to explore, perfect and develop her skills which she successfully tailors to the needs of her clients.

Annie, from Bray

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“It can be tough finding facial treatment products that actually deliver! I know self-care is an essential part of looking & feeling good within yourself.ย  This is why I have selected some of my all time favourite tools I know you will love, to support you with your skincare routine.
Look fabulous in your own skin – no matter your age!”

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Of course, techniques are not the only magic contributions in keeping a healthy and youthful appearance while we are ageing. Lifestyle and Diet also play a big part in this too, and that is why I offer comprehensive tailored information with any of the treatment courses. I expand my knowledge continuously by attending courses and with extensive reading, this way, I believe, I can guarantee a high level of service for my clients.

“I can help you to age well naturally and look your best while feeling wonderful and confident in your own skin.”

Susanne Aram

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Susanne Aram

Bourne End, Buckinghamshire

Susanne Aram

Bourne End, Buckinghamshire

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