Beauty Taping (Intermediate) – in-person

Beauty Taping with kinesiology tapes is a very new method in the UK. Traditionally it has been used to support the body muscles, especially for high performing athletes. But it is now used in beauty treatments to relax the facial muscles and has developed into an excellent alternative to Botox.

My aim is to show you how to use this new technique, in easy steps. The workshops are in depth and split into beginner and intermediate courses, so you can learn gradually, building up your confidence and choosing the right applications best suited for you. Using kinesiology tapes on the face regularly will relax your facial muscles, sculpt, lift and define your face, you can achieve amazing results without the need for needles! This technique is completely safe, easy to learn and very affordable. 

Learning more lifting & sculpting techniques, like how to achieve a more defined jawline and smoothing out the nasolabial folds,  paired with lymphatic drainage applications to help with puffiness in the face. A course manual is included.
This approximate 2 hours course will be held in person in small groups with up to a maximum of 6 participants in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire. A course manual, material and refreshments are included.

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Susanne Aram


Bourne End, Buckinghamshire