Gua Sha & Facial Massage, In-Person Workshop on 15th July

Gua Sha is an ancient beauty technique that originates from Traditional Chinese Medicine. It was first used to stimulate the meridian pathways to heal the body and only later discovered as a beauty tool.

With the help of the crystal Gua Sha tool the skin’s blood circulation can be increased by 400% which means supplying the facial skin with nutrient and oxygen rich blood for a healthy and rosy glow. The crystal tool is a great pro-ageing tool, helping to lift, sculpt and define the facial features and contours. Additionally, it stimulates the lymphatic flow and helps eliminate any puffiness in the face.

In this in-depth workshop I will introduce you to Gua Sha, showing you how to safely and effectively use this ancient tool and its technique. `Furthermore, you will be shown professional manual techniques for facial massage that can be very easily integrated into your daily skincare routine.   Because, following a regular self-care routine will firm and lift your skin, give you a radiant glow and make you feel wonderful and more confident in your own skin.

The facial Gua Sha technique will include:

  • warm-up routine
  • smoothing out lines
  • lifting the eyebrows
  • face lift
  • define jawline
  • relax facial muscles
  • stimulate & drain lymphatic flow
  • stimulate acupressure points

The manual facial massage will include:

  • lifting, smoothing & contouring
  • stimulate and drain lymphatic flow


You will receive a workbook manual and 10% discount on products in the webshop.

Event details


19 Jul 2024 10.00am



Organizer Name:

Susanne Aram


Bourne End, Buckinghamshire