Beauty Taping

In this Beginner online workshop you will be introduced to the very new and innovative technique of beauty taping with kinesiology tapes. Traditionally, beauty taping has been used to support the body muscles, especially for high performing athletes. But it’s now also used in beauty treatments to relax the facial muscles, and also sculpt, lift and define the face. It’s an excellent needle-free alternative to Botox.

I will show you how to use this new technique, in easy-to-follow steps.

Using kinesiology tapes on the face regularly will relax your facial muscles and sculpt, lift and define your face.


Beauty Taping is completely safe and easy to learn.


We will meet online in a small group for approximately 2 hours and explore:

– understanding the ageing process, how and why we age

– introduction to kinesiology tapes

– how to prepare, apply and safely remove tapes

– smoothing the forehead and glabella lines

– lifting hooded eyelids

– smoothing nasolabial lines



Included in this course module is a comprehensive manual.

Kinesiology tape and sharp scissors can be purchased with a 15% concession from the online shop before and during the course.


Event details


20 May 2024 10.00AM or 6.30PM


10.00AM or 6.30PM